Audiocheck is a responsive HTML5 jPlayer skin featuring multiple playlist layouts and extended track information. The colors and clean lines of the player were inspired by the AudioTheme website, where the compact audio player design was inspired by the Soundcheck WordPress theme; hence the name Audiocheck.

Audio controls display when hovering over player interface.
Default Audiocheck jPlayer design and audio controls.

Audio controls for the player are displayed over the track poster when a user hovers over the players interface. When showing, the previous, play, pause, and next buttons display with a dark background overlay.

A small thin progress bar also overlays the track post and updates as the current track progresses. Seek through the current track by clicking anywhere on the progress bar.

Below the track’s poster and progress bar is the current track information. The track poster, title, artist, and record are updated as new tracks are being played.

Audiocheck playlist layout design examples.
Audiocheck playlist layout design examples.

The number of playlist layout designs that could be done with Audiocheck’s compact player and many. A handful of playlist designs are included in the project files by default: Hidden, Bottom, Scroll, and Side layout are available.

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