Premium Pixels

The Premium Pixels HTML5 jPlayer skin was inspired by the custom audio player skin PSD designed by Orman Clark. The skin was developed to look gorgeous across all screen sizes by utilizing the Themicons font icon set by Cedaro and advanced CSS3 techniques.

Premium Pixels jPlayer Skin
Skin with working playlist.

The audio player features a simple interface with play, pause, seek, and volume control settings. Below the player is a fully functional playlist displaying track names that begin playing the audio when clicked. Each track can be set to have a downloadable audio file defined in the jPlayer JavaScript settings.

If you only have one track and a playlist is not needed, the player looks and works great without it.

Premium Pixels jPlayer Skin w/o Playlist
Skin without playlist showing.

Each time a track is played, it is loaded into the players progress bar. The Premium Pixels jPlayer skin brings additional life to the player by displaying an animated yellow progress bar as the file is being played.

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